Technical Diving in Malta, Gozo & Comino

TechWise is the premier technical diver training facility situated in Malta.

TechWise offers you courses from PADI, IANTD, TDI, and GUE.

Dive Experience and Training on Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Rebreather.

Technical Diving Courses

We offer technical diving excursions and expert training for you whatever your level. Whether you are a seasoned technical diver looking to explore the sites of Malta or a beginner looking for your first deep diving experience, TechWise is the diving centre for you!

Our team is extremely well-trained, with all of our instructors having completed training with a variety of technical diving agencies.  TechWise is the technical side of DiveWise and specialises in all things twinset, sidemount or rebreather. Its sole purpose is to provide you with the best technical diving courses and diving expeditions in Malta, Gozo, and Comino.

Technical Dive Sites

The Maltese Islands have been a shipping nexus for thousands of years. They were a vital military base in World War I & II and as such the Islands are now home to a number of interesting, historic wrecks in the technical diving range. Moreover, the weather conditions on the Islands mean that even if the wind is blowing heavily from one direction, another site on the opposite side of the island is normally diveable.

Technical Services

TechWise offers a full range of technical diving gases including nitrox, trimix, and oxygen. There is real-time gas quality analysis on the compressors, to guarantee the safest gas possible for your dives.

The facility has a wide selection of cylinders including Faber and ECS (GUE friendly) twinsets, sidemounts in steel and aluminum, stages in all sizes and rebreather bottles for all configurations.

To move you around Malta in style, we have both Suex Scooters and two boats. The hard boat is a 13m catermaran with a diver lift and the fast RIB is 10m long with dual stern diver ladders.

Whether you are a seasoned technical diver or just starting out on your technical journey, the TechWise team will be sure to help you progress and explore.