Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

We have a shop for anything you might have forgotten to bring with you or want to purchase following a diving course, we also hire out all diving equipment for any diving you do with us. A day out with full equipment and someone to guide you from Techwise staff is the best way to gain experience.

If you are considering buying your own equipment, but aren’t sure what will suit you why not try our equipment out to help you make up your mind. We could help you not make an expensive mistake. If you don’t want to purchase your own equipment yet but want to carry on diving, renting equipment from us can be a very cost-effective way of maintaining your dive skills without a huge investment.


Side Mount – Ali 80 cylinder (each) GAS NOT INCLUDED


Stage Regulator


SMB / Spool


Back Gas Regulator




*Please note, equipment rental is only available to people booked onto a technical course or who have paid for a guided technical dive package with us.* 

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