Single Fifty Trimix (SFT) PADI

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Single Fifty Trimix (SFT) PADI

The purpose of the PADI Single Fifty Trimix (SFT)) Specialty Diver Course is to enhance recreational divers, who are comfortable with deep diving, to experience the advantages of Trimix without the need of twinsets, side mount or CCR.

Building on experience of single cylinder diving using long hose configuration with back plate and wing system. This is the perfect introduction for what some may regard as tech skills without the need of twinsets, side mount or CCR

Discussing decompression procedure and dive planning . Plus the introduction of helium based gases or 'mixed gases' dives and explanation of advantages and disadvantages of mixed gas diving

Use of additional stage/bottom and deco cylinders to allow additional dive time and the advantages of such configuration

For many divers there are places that are just beyond their reach as a diver due to depth, limits of narcosis or decompression. But they also do not feel or want the need for full 'technical' training

Maintaining their comfort level with single cylinder diving and enhancing their skill level by introducing the use of stages / decompression cylinders to take their limits further in small manageable steps


  • Certified as a PADI TEC45, or qualifying prerequisite from recognised training agency or PADI TEC40 with a minimum of 10 logged technical dives AFTER qualification
  • If it is a qualifying certification from another training organization. In this case, a qualifying certification is defined as proof of technical diving certification with a minimum of 10 open water training dives
  • Be at least 18 years

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To enrol onto this course, you will need to pay your deposit in advance so we can register and send you the course materials. You will need the materials to ensure you are prepared to start your training when you arrive at Techwise for your course. If this is what you want to do click DEPOSIT and then the BUY IT NOW button. *The full course price may be subjected to changes due to gas prices*

HELIUM; Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean, at times the availability of Helium and its price can fluctuate.

Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that you check current prices for all helium/mixed gases courses.

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