JJCCR Rebreather

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  • Highly robust aluminium housing to which it is possible to secure up to 4 diving tanks (2-12L) using conventional tank belts.
  • User repackable soda lime canister (axial).
  • Heavy duty stand
  • Integrated handle
  • Back-mounted (over the shoulder) counter lungs
  • Redundant power supply: One battery for the controller, one battery for the HUD and two parallel batteries for the solenoid. None of the batteries are integrated into the loop
  • Integrated ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve)
  • DSV (Dive Surface Valve)
  • Valve for manual oxygen supply with the option to feed in external gases
  • Valve for manual diluent supply with the option to feed in external gases (Standard on CE edition, Optional for Intl. edition)
  • Independent digital HUD (Head Up Display) with real-time display of PPO2 for all three oxygen sensors
  • Reliable controller with an integrated Shearwater multi-gas decompression computer.

JJ-CCR Rebreather User Manual


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