Seacraft Go!

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Seacraft Go!

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Patented Seacraft technology:  magnetic propulsion. The motor runs directly in the water. This specially designed and patented solution allows for the complete elimination of the drive shaft and the need for unreliable seals and gear transmission used in other DPVs. The engine working in the water is much more durable and resistant to high workloads, and it also eliminates overheating inside the scooter.

Apart from that, with only 9,7 kg, the GO! offers an exceptional power/weight ratio.

Pre-swirl stator system eliminates all disruptive torque effects on the steering handles and increases the propulsion system efficiency – by changing the water swirl to more thrust.


Comfortable double handle with integrated scooter activation buttons and a multi-speed control. This innovative design allows a stable hold of the scooter – both two-handed as well as with either hand (one-handed steering). This scooter provides a simplified control module, displaying the current gear and battery level.

The GO! can be set to operate in one of the three modes:

  • Regular diving mode – with operation and steering dedicated to technical and aspiring recreation divers
  • Beginner mode – when both triggers have to be pressed to run the motor, making it very safe for snorkelers and beginners.
  • Freediving mode – with simplified steering and three carefully chosen speeds


In addition to diving mode choice, GO! utilizes a series of proven Seacraft solutions. Precise indication of the battery level, a dedicated master power switch, simple control using the control handles and gear buttons, and a unique Time Lock feature are a big aid underwater.

The external waterproof charging port allows you to plug in the charger right after the dive – without opening the DPV or charging port cap. Each battery segment has its own individual protection circuit. A unique trimming system allows for balancing the GO! perfectly even in the most remote locations.


With the new, modular Air-Travel Friendly Battery System based on Li-Ion cells, the GO! will be your perfect travel companion. The battery consists of several segments with a capacity of 97 Wh each, resulting in a total capacity of 582 Wh.

This battery system has been tested and certified according to UN 38.3 standards and is as such approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association) to be transported in hand luggage aboard a commercial passenger plane. No more compromises and using weak Ni-Mh batteries when visiting the most remote places in the world!



Working time at optimal speed  >220 min (45 m/min)*
Working time at maximum speed:  60 min
Range:  >10 km*
Maximum static thrust:  260 N
Maximum speed:  1,35 m/s

* Applicable in terms of a diver in a twinset 2 x 12, in a dry suit, in fresh water. Range tested for 45 m/min speed.


Battery type:  modular Li-Ion
Battery capacity:  582 Wh in 6 segments (97Wh each)
Maximum battery voltage;  37,8 V
Minimum battery voltage:  26 V
Charger operating voltage:  100-230 V / 50 Hz / 120 W


Width:  280 mm
Length:  520 mm
Height:  330 mm
Housing diameter:  160 mm
Weight with battery and fresh water ballast:  9,7 kg


Maximum depth:  100 m
Correct displacement (with adjusted ballast):  Neutral
Level / Trim (with adjusted ballast):  Neutral
Operating temperature:  -5/+45 ⁰C**
Storage temperature:  -25/+50 ⁰C
Temperature while charging:  +10/+40 ⁰C

** At temperatures below 0 ⁰C, due to properties of lithium cells, the battery capacity and hence the scooter's performance can be significantly reduced it. It is a reversible process - after raising the temperature of the battery to temperature level above 0 ⁰C the capacity of the battery returns to the nominal capacity.

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