Kubi Sub Xero Merino Wool Thermal Gloves

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Kubi Sub Xero Merino Wool Thermal Gloves

The Kubi Sub Xero Merino Wool Thermal Gloves are manufactured from the highest quality New Zealand Merino wool. Uniquely, the addition of Lycra means that they recover well after being stretched and washed, providing a snug fit to most hand shapes.

The glove is knitted using the same whole-body seamless machines that knit Sub Xero Merino wool thermal underwear. The thermal gloves are super soft and extremely warm to wear under a dry glove.

Merino Wool Thermal Benefits

Merino wool offers unique properties that are ideal when scuba diving. The wool itself can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while still offering the same ability to keep you warm and dry. The wicking properties of merino wool naturally draws moisture away from the skin, whether this comes from perspiration or a minor leak in your dry glove system. 

Sub Xero Merino Wool Glove Sizes:

The Kubi Sub Xero Merino Wool Thermal Gloves come in two sizes:

  • Small / Medium
  • Large / Extra Large

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