Divesoft Freedom Computer

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  • Bluetooth: bluetooth connectivity for seamless data transfer. You can upload your logs and update your Firmware using the Divesoft App or your Computer. All wireless.
  • Rechargeable battery: divesoft Freedom+ computers come with a Li-Ion rechargeable battery that gives you an onscreen indicator of battery life and can show a predicted battery duration for dive planning. The battery life was extended to double of the legacy Freedom computers.
  • Gauge and Freediving mode included: all Freedom+ computers come with Gauge and Freediving modes included in them.
  • System of upgrades: the Freedom+ computer can be upgraded to the full CCR version. This means if you are a trimix diver but have ambitions to become a CCR diver you do not need to buy different computers but just upgrade the firmware.
  • Durability: freedom+ dive computers are housed in a full aluminium body, combined with durable acrylic glass to increase the computer's strength. All computers are pressure tested to 350M to create one of the most durable dive computers on the market.
  • Tilt control and vibrations: freedom+ diving computers feature tilt controls and vibration alarms for enhanced safety.
  • Algorithm: freedom Decompression computers follow the strictest criteria of the best technical divers and simultaneously improve the diving experience of sports divers at all experience levels. All Freedom computers use Bühlmann’s ZLH16 B or ZLH16 C algorithm with adjustable Gradient Factors to suit the diver's needs.
  • Games: long deco can be entertaining now with games such as Sokoban and Snake integrated into our computer.
  • Accessories: the EVA case, silicone protective sleeve, two attachment straps and USB cable. All come as standard equipment with every Freedom+ computer.


It comes in a Full Trimix version including Gauge and Freediving modes. The computer can be upgraded to the CCR version by a simple firmware upgrade which can be done using Bluetooth in case you decide to progress your diving to the Close Circuit level. The anodized aluminium body and factory testing of each individual piece to 350m ensure that the computer can withstand the harshest conditions in every environment.

Package includes: 

  • Freedom+ Full Trimix computer
  • Semi-hard zipper case 115×115 - With inner foam
  • Attachment bungee
  • Fastening strap
  • Silicon protective sleeve
  • Freedom USB cable
  • Freedom connector cap

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