Imperial Eagle Wreck

The Imperial Eagle is situated in the waters around Qawra, on the Northern side of Malta. In July of 1999 she had been scuttled in a Marine Conservation Area that is around a half kilometre off Qawra Point to become an attraction for scuba divers. Acting as a former ferry boat between the two islands, Malta and Gozo, the Imperial Eagle was 45m long with a beam of 9.2m. The wreck can be easily penetrated and it’s deck lies at a depth of 32m.

Kristu tal-Bahhara

In English, the name of this underwater statue of Jesus Christ is called ‘Christ of the Sailors’. It is situated close to the reef and near the Imperial Eagle wreck – at around 30 metres from the bow. The statue lies at a depth of 25 metres and stands at 3 metres tall. It was initially sunk somewhere else; near St. Paul’s Islands in the year of May 1990. Then in May of 2000, the statue was lifted and relocated to Qawra near the newly scuttled wreck – The Imperial Eagle which had only been scuttled a year earlier.

Interest -Wreck
Popularity – Medium
Depth – 32m (avg), 42m (max)
Qualification – Advanced
Shore access – Boat only
Location – 35.9635°N 14.4338°E (Exact)