HMS St Angelo

HMS St Angelo was originally a tug boat that transported personal belonging to the Royal Navy base at Fort St Angelo to warships  that were berthed at the Grand Harbour. Not only that, but it also delivered goods to other ports all over Malta.

She wasn’t only used for transportation purposes, but also for towing, rescues and afterward as a minesweeper. The HMS St Angelo struck a mine while patrolling and started to sink on the outskirts of Valletta.

To get to the HMS St Angelo wreck you must get there by boat. It lies at a depth of 54m and only experienced divers due to that depth. It’s specifications are of 24 metres length. This wreck is also not very accessible like the Levant II because of two way boat traffic in and out of the Grand Harbour.

HMS St Angelo Guide

Interest – Wreck
Popularity – Low
Depth – 54m (avg), 54m (max)
Qualification – Technical
Shore access – Boat only
Location – 35.9046°N 14.5423°E (Exact)