IANTD Open Water Sidemount Deposit

IANTD Open Water Sidemount Deposit

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IANTD Open Water Sidemount (€395)

Familiarize the diver with the techniques, equipment and mindset required for Sidemount diving. Enable divers to proficiently assemble and use Sidemount equipment. Teach divers the proper techniques to safely conduct dives that warrant the use of Sidemount equipment.

How deep can you dive with the IANTD Open Water Sidemount Diver Program?

No dives may be conducted to depths greater than the diver’s previous certification level.

What do you need to enroll in this program?

  • IANTD Open Water Diver or equivalent.
  • NOTE: The Open Water Diver Program can be combined with the Open Water Sidemount Diver Program.
  • Age requirement: A minimum of 12 years of age.

    What is the minimum materials requirements?

    IANTD Open Water Sidemount Diver Student Kit.

    What this program must include?

    Academic Sessions Confined Water Sessions Open Water Sessions.

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