IANTD Hypoxic CCR Diver

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Trimix CCR diver. 100m unlimited deco. The big ticket for most sport divers achieving exposures that demand high performance. IANTD Full trimix CCR training emphasises the development of sharp personal skills and slick team procedures to provide bailout support and safe ascents.

The primary diver development completed in the step up to Hypoxic Trimix CCR training is the move to entirely team supported or staged diving mentality. This is the level where a self contained / self sustaining approach becomes unmanageable due to the sheer amount of decompression, lengthy runtimes and bailout logistics. At this point decompression becomes a true overhead environment.

Trimix CCR also has a commitment higher than any previous level as gasses are routinely carried that are unbreathable at the surface and shallow depths, mandating a change in safety procedures and gas switch confirmation.

You can take the course on either on a JJ, Divesoft Liberty, or Fathom/Gemini! If you would like more information on which one to choose please contact us directly via email to: info@techwise.com.mt

Human Factors in Diving: The essentials

This 3-hour online class is a great starting point to find out why we make mistakes and how we can reduce the likelihood of an accident or adverse event occurring. We dive into decision making, situational awareness, communication and cooperation skills, and crucially, their interdependence. Using case studies and practical exercise, we bring the topic to life. Want to gain a quick but valuable insight? 

Contact us on info@techwise.com.mt for more information.


To enrol onto this course, you will need to pay your deposit in advance so we can register and send you the course materials. You will need the materials to ensure you are prepared to start your training when you arrive at Techwise for your course. If this is what you want to do click DEPOSIT and then the BUY IT NOW button. *The full course price may be subjected to changes due to gas prices*

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