Tugboat Rozi Wreck

Wreck Dive, Cirkewwa, Malta

The MV Rozi was a tugboat originally called Rossmore. She was built in Bristol in 1958 by Charles Hill & Sons. She was later re-named Rossgarth after she was sold to a different company; Rea Towing in 1969. The Mifsud Brothers Ltd then bought the tug (still named Rossgarth at this time) in 1972. She worked for the Malta Ship Towage Ltd when she left Liverpool and started her occupation in Malta.

The tugboat was placed just off Cirkewwa in September 1992 for Captain Morgan’s Underwater Safari Tours. However, these tours no longer exist today which left the site open to become one of the most popular dive sites here in Malta. Attracting an abundance of marine life.

The Rudder of Rozi

The Rudder is one of the places that you can find nudibranchs, scorpian fish and sometimes some morey eels. This is a very photogenic part of the wreck and if you have a good buddy who likes posing for pictures, this is one spot to grab a few nice photographs.

Tugboat Rozi Wreck


Tugboat Rozi Wreck
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