Levant 2 WW2 Wreck

WW2 Wreck, Valletta Grand Harbour, Malta

Levant II was a trawler built in 1904 which was later used by Easter Telegraph Company as a cable layer. The Levant II upheld it’s cable laying duties combining Malta to Sicily, Libya and Alexandria after World War II. After more or less 48 years of running, the Levant II was quite damaged, so it was decided that it would be scrapped about 3 miles out from Valletta.
Levant 2 WW2 Wreck
As it was being towed towards the spoil ground, she started taking in water and didn’t make it out enough to be scuttled there. So it now lies in 59 metre deep water about 1.5 kilometres off of the Grand Harbour Entrance.
Levant 2 WW2 Wreck

The Levant II was rediscovered, by local divers. This was in the year 1999. It was simply known as the Cable Ship or Cable Layer till a photo of it surfaced on the internet which then conveyed the truth of it’s name.

Levant 2 WW2 Wreck


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