Gas Blending

Clean Air

One of the newest Bauer Compressors delivering up to 300bar ‘clean air’ that is the pride of the TechWise service.

Enriched Air Nitrox.

All staff members are certified and current Gas Blenders and pride themselves in giving the ‘mix’ needed for the dive. We have 10lt, 12lt and 15lt cylinders for the recreational divers – with blends up to 40% We also have 3lt, 5lt and 7lt stage cylinders for those who prefer the technical side of diving.


We are proud to offer a full helium facility, with pump to get the ‘last bits’ from that very expensive cylinder. We can offer you the ideal mix for those really deep dives.

Gas Courses

Please see the courses section in the menu for more info on the gas related courses we offer.

Nitrox up to 40% (in 5lt or 7lt stage) FOC
Nitrox up to 70% (in 5lt or 7lt stage) 4.00
Nitrox over 70% (in 5lt or 7lt stage) 6.00
Helium (per litre) (in 5lt or 7lt stage) 0.40
Nitrox up to 40% (in 10lt stage) FOC
Nitrox up to 70% (in 10lt stage) 5.00
Nitrox over 70% (in 10lt stage) 7.00

Please note, gas prices shown are only available to customers who have booked onto a course/guided dive package and/or have rented equipment from us.