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More than just diving, we have a range of services available.

Gas Blending

One of the newest Bauer Compressors delivering up to 300bar 'clean air' that is the pride of the TechWise service. All staff members are certified and current Gas Blenders and pride themselves in giving the 'mix' needed for the dive. ...Find Out More

Equipment Hire

We have a shop for anything you might have forgotten to bring with you or want to purchase following a diving course, we also hire out all diving equipment for any diving you do with us and can pick you up from your hotel before your dives or course begins. ...Find Out More

Boat Diving

TechWise organises boats trips every day - usually depending on the weather. There are many options for diving in Malta. ...Find Out More

Recommended Hotels

We have hand picked a selection of hotels based on our customers reviews, location and price. If you can decide and would like some more information, please get in touch. ...Find Out More

Non Diving Days

Even when the weather is blowing there is usually a safe and accessible dive site somewhere around the island. However, if conditions are not good, or you just fancy a day off from diving, we are still able to assist. ...Find Out More


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