JJ-CCR Rebreather - International Edition

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JJ-CCR Rebreather - International Edition

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* 3-litre diluent tank (4.6 kg, 100 mm diameter, 232 bar) with 5/8″ DIN valve


The JJ-CCR rebreather has been called the 4 x 4 of the rebreather community' which in many ways is the perfect description as it is built for all types of terrain and can be adapted to handle the most demanding adventures.

The JJ-CCR demands a skilled diver fully aware of the pros and cons of technical rebreathers and was never intended for the sports diving market, it was engineered by professional wreck divers who needed a solid tool to do the job in the deep, dark, and cold waters of the Baltic Sea.

The environment the JJ-CCR was built for demands a rebreather that is simple and sturdy in regards to handling and ruggedness, independent of the situation and operational environment. All of the components of the JJ-CCR have been carefully selected and are there for a reason! Each detail has a purpose and every solution can be justified. The versatility of the rebreather makes it adaptable for whatever dive you are planning.

The philosophy behind the JJ-CCR is to keep it simple with robust construction and minimalistic work detail making it easy to handle before, during and after the dive. The main assembly consists of an aluminium housing and a stainless steel stand where all the components such as counter lungs, wings, and harness are attached. This provides the user with comfort on land when donning the rebreather as well as in water when diving it.

All hoses and gas paths are made for optimal performance both in water and for maintenance purposes. The JJ-CCR is equipped with state of the art electronics and is ready to fly right out of the box. Fill it with sofnolime and serious adventures are about to begin.


  • Highly robust aluminium housing to which it is possible to secure up to 4 diving tanks (2-12L) using conventional tank belts.
  • User repackable soda lime canister (axial).
  • Heavy duty stand
  • Integrated handle
  • Back-mounted (over the shoulder) counter lungs
  • Redundant power supply: One battery for the controller, one battery for the HUD and two parallel batteries for the solenoid. None of the batteries are integrated into the loop
  • Integrated ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve)
  • DSV (Dive Surface Valve)
  • Valve for manual oxygen supply with the option to feed in external gases
  • Valve for manual diluent supply with the option to feed in external gases (Standard on CE edition, Optional for Intl. edition)
  • Independent digital HUD (Head Up Display) with real-time display of PPO2 for all three oxygen sensors
  • Reliable controller with an integrated Shearwater multi-gas decompression computer.


The JJ-CCR has an industry-low work of breathing. With its back-mounted counter lungs that follow the contours of your shoulders, it will help you to keep a smooth and comfortable breathing pattern. T-pieces milled out of Delrin connect to heavy-duty breathing hoses that end in a sturdy DSV (Dive Surface Valve).  The breathing loop has an integrated ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve).


The standard scrubber unit on the JJ-CCR is an axial scrubber. It holds 2,3 kg sodalime (sofnolime 797). The scrubber unit is easy to lift out of the canister as the attached lid has a lifting handle on top.  The scrubber is attached to the lid by a heavy-duty thread.

The construction of the scrubber, lid and canister makes re-packing of scrubber as well as surface interval maintenance an easy task!


The canister is made from hard anodized aluminum and has 4 welded consoles for the attachment of tanks and/or light canisters, etc. The canister has two cylinders that can be filled with compensating weights if needed. The lift handle that is located on top of these cylinders can be lowered to minimize the height of the construction.

The stand which is bolted in the bottom of the canister is made from stainless steel and gives stability and comfort to the user while handling the rebreather on land.


The JJ-CCR is equipped with a state of the art electronics package.  It has a redundant power supply with one battery for the controller, one battery for the HUD and two parallel batteries for the solenoid.  None of the batteries are integrated into the breathing loop.  It has a DiveCAN® communication interface for robust data transmission and easy upgrades, disassembly and repairs.  The JJ-CCR has wet contacts for automatic turn-on.


The JJ-CCR is equipped with a reliable controller with an integrated multi-gas decompression computer – the Shearwater Petrel2. It has an independent HUD (Head Up Display) with real-time display of PPO2 for all three oxygen sensors.


The JJ-CCR is equipped with a fully adjustable harness designed specifically for the JJ-CCR. The harness is padded in the shoulder and chest area which provides the user with great comfort.  The harness is designed with numerous equipment D-rings so that the user can configure equipment according to task.


The JJ-CCR is a versatile rebreather built for every dive you have in mind. The canister is equipped with 4 sturdy consoles, designed and placed so that diver and team can configure their JJ-CCRs for maximum exploration output.


The JJ-CCR is equipped with excellent hardware for maximum performance and reliability; APEKS US4 first stages and Mi-Flex hoses, machined T-pieces, ADV housing and manual inflation valves to name a few.   All components are there for a reason and built to withstand extreme conditions and environments.


Factory options for the JJ-CCR include the X-tended Range Canister (XRC) and the head cover.

The XRC is only for extended range diving and comes complete with stand, handle and radial scrubber.  The canister has been extended in length by 50mm and the stand has been shortened by the same length so the overall size of the unit remains the same.

The head cover offers protection of the rebreather head and its vital components during travel.

The Story Behind the JJ-CCR

Everything started some years ago when I did a rebreather course with Jan Jorgensen.  After that I decided to buy a rebreather, but Jan Jorgensen said to me: This is not an option for you – you can build your own rebreather!  I already had the design of a new rebreather in mind.

After that we spent a lot of time together and I showed him what would be possible to machine. The very first prototype of the JJ-CCR Rebreather was ready for
diving in March 2006.  Jan Jorgenson was one of the “crash test dummies” – Already after the first dive he really liked the unit very well and he was surprised about how good everything worked.  I also spent many hours with test diving the rebreather and tried to improve the overall design and features.

In January 2007 we got the first Shearwater GF.  Lars Steffeesen – a good friend – did a try dive with it.  We never got back the rebreather! Another unit was sent to Dave Thompson to do some try dives and play around with it.  Dave Thompson had designed some backmounted counterlungs he wanted to try with the JJ-CCR Rebreather.  We never got back this unit either!

Again I had a lot of work in drawing and machine the parts for the unit. And again a lot of test dives with a small group of Danish friends. I was lucky enough to meet Henrik Sogren and he helped me with some design issues and machining.  3 years later in March 2009 the JJ-CCR was finally ready for the official testing at Quinetiq in England.  The first testing was done in June 2009 and with a huge success the unit passed all the tests toward the EN14143 standard.

Jan Petersen
(October 2009)

View WebsiteJJ-CCR Rebreather User Manual 



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