Technical Diving Courses In Malta

TechWise Malta offers you the option of courses from IANTD, PADI, TDI, and GUE friendly with twinsets, sidemounts or rebreather CCR. If you are wanting to take your first steps into technical diving, one of the first questions often asked is ‘which technical diving agency is right for me? The answer really comes down to personal preference as IANTD, PADI Tec Rec, and TDI all over a similar range of technical diving courses from beginner to pro.

Just because all your previous training is done with say, PADI, does not necessarily mean you have to carry on with that agency. For various reasons, many people choose to mix it up and follow a different training route when starting tech diving. If you have any questions about which route to take, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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