X127 Wreck

X127 was a British water lighter was one of mulitple World War II wrecks found around Maltese waters, which was sunk in 1942. It lays upright with her bow at a mere 5 metres whereas the stern lies at 22 metres. It sits on a slope and is diveable off the shore. As for it’s history, it had been built in England and used by the British Royal Navy in the year 1915 in World War I. She was first transformed into a water lighter and subsequently back into a fuel lighter, before being sunk in 1942. Her specifications were as follows; 24m in lenght and had a 7m beam.

For years, it had remained unidentified, and was thought to be an ordinary barge. Divers had nicknamed it Carolita or Coralita in the time it had been unidentified. Moreover in 2003, an analysis underwater had been done to identify the wreck, and was first determined to be the X-131 and a few years later it was confirmed that it is in fact the X-127.

X127 Wreck Guide

  • Interest: Wreck
  • Popularity: Low
  • Depth: 8m (avg), 25m (max)
  • Qualification: Beginner
  • Shore access: Easy
  • Location: 35.9009°N 14.5038°E (Exact)