Santa Maria Caves

Santa Maria Caves which can be found on the middle island of Comino on it’s North side. Due to its captivating cave systems, it is a very popular dive site.

There are at least 10 caves that are known of today which divers can explore. Each has it’s own distinct features and beauty and no cave is the same. There are some which offer swim throughs, underwater tunnels and others have beautiful blue waters through their entrances.

These caves are not only ideal for divers, but also for snorkelers since most of the caves are quite shallow and also most are half out of the water, so snorkelers can come up for air. For the underwater photographers this is a playground not to be missed!

These caves are also very abundant with marine life like damselfish, moray eels, spiny lobsters, crabs, octopus, nudibranch, and mullets. There are alos Banded Sea Bream that just love it when they are fed some bread and will swarm up to the surface to eat.