Gozo Wrecks – MV Cominoland

Mv Cominoland is one of the three wrcks off the shore of Xatt l-Ahmar in Gozo. The ship was actually a former Captain Morgan Cruises tourist ship doing day trips round Comino and also some cruises around the harbour in Valletta. She was scuttled back in August of 2006 with the MV Karwela where both ships create an artificial reef for scuba divers to enjoy. The MV Xlendi was scuttled 7 years earlier in the year 1999.

The wreck of MV Cominoland is around 35m in length. She is sitting perfect in an upright position at a max depth of around 40m on a sandy seabed. The wreck has loads of room for potential exploration, it’s safe to penetrate and has several openings which were cut before the ship was scuttled. The MV Cominoland wreck has two decks at 35m, with a 32m deck, and her bows are in 39m depths.

The wreck in itself lies about 60m to the East of its neighboring wreck (MV Karwela). . Since MV Xlendi is inpenetrable since it is upturned, MV Cominoland is more interesting for divers at easier access from shore, however smaller than Karwela. All wreck can be dived from shore, however can also be dived from on a boat.

Cominoland Wreck History

Built in England in 1942 by Philip & Son Ltd as an ‘M’ class minelayer. Weighing 295 tons and 34m wide with an 8m beam, it was commissioned as M6, and her original name was Miner VI. When her career with the Royal Navy ended, she was sold to a Matlese buyer; E.Zammit & Sons in the year 1966. It was transformed into a ferry boat operating between Valletta and Comino Island.

It was renamed to Minor IV and after a few years was again renamed to MV Minor Eagle and lastly to MV Cominoland in 1976. Moreover, she was transformed into a pleasure cruising boat and renamed yet again to MV Jylland II. Two years later Captain Morgan Cruises and it was finally named MV Cominoland, operating day cruises catering to tourists in the Grand Harbour from Valletta to Comino.

The Gozo Tourism Association decided to scuttle MV Cominoland. On the 12th of August MV Karwela and MV Cominoland were scuttled together. A video of the scuttling can be found here.


Interest – Reef & Wall & Wreck
Popularity – High
Depth – 30m (avg), 45m (max)
Qualification – Advanced
Shore access – Medium
Location – 36.0173°N 14.2873°E (Nearby)