Mosquito Fighter Bomber

Mosquito Fighter Bomber was a twin-engine multipurpose aircraft with two seats. This is one of three airplane wrecks we know of around Malta. Her full name is De Havilland Mosquito. It was mainly used as a fighter plane. This plane was built practically solely of wood apart from it’s tail, which was made from aluminium. The wreck lies at a depth of 40 metres on a sandy seabed along with some small reefs nearby. With regards to specifications of the plane, she was 13.6 m long and had a wingspan of 16.5 m.

In 1949 on the 26th of March, it’s starboard engine had problems while on a mail run and the plane tried to land back at Hal Far. Unfortunately it crash landed into the sea. Located around 500m off Dellimara Point and it’s coast. It is on the East side of Malta. Experienced divers are the only certified divers able to dive the Mosquito Fighter Bomber, also because of the occasional strong currents. Obviously the wooden parts of the plane have long since deteriorated. What is left however is a metal frame with a heap of cables running through. Also the two engines are still intact as well. The tail however, is buried quite buried within the sand. There are also pieces of metal around the site of the wreck.

Mosquito Fighter Bomber Guide

Interest – Wreck
Popularity – Low
Depth – 42m (max)
Qualification – Advanced
Shore access – Boat only
Location – 35.8300°N 14.5700°E (Approx)