Ghar Lapsi

Known by scuba divers as a cave that’s 40 metres long or more, shallow and well lit. The cave is very well lit due to the cracks and other outlets in the ceiling, allowing loads of light to flow through, making it one of the most beautiful cave dives. The corals inside the cave are illuminated with beams of sunlight – Ghar Lapsi cave is a paradise for underwater photographers full of colours.

The entrance to the Ghar lapsi Caves is on the other side of the entry/exit point inside the cove. It has multipe openings leading to the sea. Moreover, the depth within the cave is about 8 metres. The cave is quite long but easy to maneuver through during daylight. Being it is flat and wide, the cave is great for divers that have good buoyancy control and also having a full suit is recommended to avoid scrapes and scratched. There is a tunnel which leads to a small air pocket, somewhere along inside the caves.

Please dive this area with causion, especially when there are rough seas. It is not advisable to dive during rough weather because of very strong current surges within the caves.