Bristol Beaufighter

The Bristol Beaufighter is a World War II airplane which is now an amazing wreck dive in Malta. Serving in the royal Air Force, the Beaufighter was built by a Bristol Aeroplane company. It was 12.6m in length with 17.6m wingspan, overall a heavy fighter with two seats and a twin engine. This Beaufighter had technical problems almost soon after take off and had to prepare for emergency landing into the sea and ditch the plane. Luckily both the pilot and the second passenger survived.

The wreck is located 900m off the shore from St. Julian’s Point in Sliema. The wreck lies at a depth of 38m, upside down on a sandy seabed. The plane is mostly buried in the sand, whereas the main fuselage and the wings are still quite in tact. Sticking out behind the radial engines are both undercarriage frames and shredded tyres. The port side propeller is still attached to the engine.

Bristol Beaufighter Guide

Interest – Wreck
Popularity – Low
Depth – 35m (avg), 38m (max)
Qualification – Advanced
Shore access – Boat only
Location – 35.9243°N 14.5031°E (Exact)