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About IANTD Technical Diving Courses

International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers


“IANTD is the oldest federation running technical diving training, has been formed in the early 80s in the United States by Dick Rutkowski. This federation from the beginning promote the use of mixed-gas (nitrox, trimix) instead of compressed air. For this reason, for many years, she was cursed by the other federations and it really became popular in the mid-90s Despite the difficult early years when large commercial organizations such as PADI or BSAC were afraid of using Nitrox and prohibit its use, IANTD has created training programs and provided it to everyone. And so it was from the beginning until now. IANTD pioneered in NITROX , gas blending, then technical, Trimix and rebreather programs.

These programs, which partially simplified and commercialized are now available under different brands. Currently IANTD is the most popular and largest federation of technical, but also offers recreational scuba diving. In the U.S., cave diving programs are compatible with purely federal cave programs as NSS-CDS or NACD. IANTD is very popular in USA, Europe and Asia. Philosophy of IANTD is “IANTD believes to it is better to be safe, cautious and demanding in training than to have one accident.” Iand, Inc. / IANTD believes that proper training and caution lead to a strong reduction in the likelihood of an accident.

IAND, Inc. / IANTD goal is prepare well trained and aware of their actions divers. Both are key to the development of competent divers, who are able to fully enjoy the exhilarating experience of diving sports (recreational).IANTD All program materials have been prepared to allow them a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge to the student and recreational divers. This knowledge increases confidence and understanding of the underwater world and the risk associated with diving. IANTD Programs are prepared to ensure a high level of diving techniques. Training consisting of teaching techniques and skills in a variety of situations helps realize divers their potential. The profit of this type of training is to get the student to self-confidence, enabling them to move towards self-sufficiency and confidence in their own abilities.”

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