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With the ever growing popularity in Sidemount diving, Techwise offers a complete range of Sidemount courses including: IANTD Sidemount Essentials

  • PADI Open Water Sidemount
  • IANTD Tec Advanced Sidemount
  • PADI Tec Sidemount
  • RAID Tec Sidemount 
  • IANTD Tec Advanced Wreck Sidemount

The IANTD Advanced Wreck Diver program is designed to train the diver in extended wreck penetration and the use of EANx for wreck exploration and EANx and oxygen for decompression.

The main focus points of the program include equipment configuration and the advancement of skills previously developed on the IANTD program. Skills covered include the use of line reels and line drills, developing self sufficiency and safety.

Plus, once certified as a sidemount diver, you can choose to continue in this configuration during your Technical diving courses.


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