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In this the RAID Advanced Wreck Diver Specialty Course we consider the academic knowledge and practical skills necessary for a diver to complete a dive safely on a wreck, with and without penetration.

The student must be able to successfully explain the benefit and needs to know:

1. A general orientation to wreck diving.

2. The nature of the wreck.

3. Wreck conservation and preservation measures.

4. The aquatic life likely to be found on wrecks.

5. The range of wreck diving opportunities available.

6. Wreck diving planning including; the benefit of research, choosing the right wreck to dive, assessing the wrecks characteristics, potential hazards and dive parameters

7. Different approaches to diving from shore or a boat

8. Wreck diving equipment

9. The RAID 10 Point Guide To Wreck Diving.


The student must also be able to successfully demonstrate the use of:

1. Wreck diving terminology

2. Dive planning

3. Entry and Exit Procedures

4. Anchor line, shot line and ascent and descent lines

5. Gear and current lines

6. Wreck navigation techniques

7. Sketching and recording techniques

8. Guideline use and team procedures for penetration

9. Guideline tie offs and wraps

10. Safety stop on the deco bar, anchor line, or ascent / descent line.


Open Water - minimum 2 hours underwater, 4 dives


To be a minimum of 15 years old.

To be certified as a RAID Advanced 35 Diver or equivalent.

Equipment Requirements:

Backplate and wing STRONGLY recommended, and long hose setup required.

Doubles recommended.

Course available on CCR

How Does This Differ From The Basic Course?:

This Course Allows 40 Linear Meters, ie.

- A wreck at 20m allows you to penetrate 20m into the wreck.

- A wreck at 40m does not allow you to penetrate.

This course includes several line laying, and navigation workshops.


- €400 (3 days) OC
- €500 (3 days) CCR

This includes the hire of cylinders, weights, local land transport & tuition, agency fee’s and basic gasses for the duration of the course.


If you have any questions about whether RAID is the right technical agency for you, please don't hesitate to contact us on



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