Price List

Below you can find the TechWise Price List, showing prices for courses, materials are NOT included but can be purchased upon request.

Guided dive packages for shore/boat dives, equipment rental if not on a course plus  guide to approximate gas prices and fees. If you have any questions or want to know a price for an item that isn’t listed, then please contact us at

HELIUM – Recently the availability of Helium and it’s price,  has made some diving and dive courses in particular very difficult to commit to and to give an accurate cost.  

Therefore it is IMPERATIVE that you check current prices for all helium/mixed gases courses.



IANTD Nitrox Diver 60.00
IANTD Advanced Nitrox Diver 425.00
IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver 555.00
IANTD Normoxic Diver 750.00
IANTD Trimix Diver 1100.00
IANTD Gas Blender 95.00
PADI Discover Tec 55.00
PADI Tec40 295.00
PADI Tec45 Trimix 295.00
PADI Tec50 Trimix 395.00
PADI Full Tec Deep Course (Tec Deep 40 to Tec Deep 50) 895.00
PADI Tec65 Trimix 750.00
PADI Tec Trimix 1100.00
PADI Enriched Air Blender 75.00
PADI Trimix Blender 95.00
TDI Nitrox Diver 60.00
TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver 425.00
TDI Helitrox Course 555.00
TDI Gas Blender 95.00
TDI Deco Procedures Diver 425.00
TDI AdvNitrox/DecoProcedure Combination 535.00
TDI Extended Range Diver 525.00
TDI Trimix Diver 750.00
TDI Advanced Trimix Diver 1100.00
IANTD Cavern 450.00
IANTD Intro Cave 550.00
Sidemount Essentials (Open Water Based) 395.00
Advanced Sidemount 395.00
Tec Advanced Sidemount Wreck Course 555.00

All courses include the hire of twin sets, deco/stages for the duration of the course, hire of additional tech equipment, gases (see outline). Recommendation is to get materials/manuals before coming to Malta for the course. Then we can concentrate on skill development, planning and actual diving.

All courses and the prices are based on a standardised format and does NOT include losses, damages or any additional requirements wanted or needed by the customer

* Gases, boat and dives used on Course

** Equipment recommendation

*** Certification requirements.



1 Accompanied Dive 40.00
4 Dive Package 150.00
6 Dive Package 220.00
10 Dive Package 350.00

Technical dive packages include the hire of a twinset OR CCR Cylinders but DOES NOT include the gas. The price also includes weights, facility use (washing/storage) and accompanied/guided dive with transport to shore based dives in Malta.

Prices DO NOT include cost for the boat to get to wrecks or additional equipment rental

These are shown below.



Local Wrecks 15.00
Offshore Wrecks 25.00
Hire of boat for single dive 160.00
Hire of boat for 2 dives in 1 day 280.00

Please note, that boat prices are approximate prices only. Actual prices will be confirmed nearer the date.


Side Mount – Ali80 cylinder (each) NOT inc. Gas 5.00
Back Gas Regulator 10.00
Stage Regulator 10.00
Harness/Wing 10.00
SMB/Reel 5.00
Others POA

Please note, equipment rental is only available to people booked onto a technical course or who have paid for a guided technical dive package with us.


Air and up to 32% Nitrox FOC
Oxygen (per litre) 0.012c
Helium (per litre) 0.05c

(Some Examples Below)

GAS COSTS examples (All sizes inc Twinset 2 x 12lts)

Nitrox 32% (All sizes inc Twinset) FOC
Nitrox 50% (7lt stage) 7.00
Pure O2 (7lt stage) 16.00
Nitrox 32% (Ali80 stage) FOC
Nitrox 50% (Ali80 stage) 9.50
Helium (per litre) (in 5lt or 7lt stage) .05c
Air (Twin 12s) FOC
Nitrox 32% (Twin 12s) FOC
Trimix 21/35 (Twin 12s) 151.00
Trimix 18/45 (Twin 12s) 190.50
Sofnolime (797) per kilo 8.50
Air 3lt CCR Cylinder FOC
O2 3lt CCR Cylinder 10.00
Trimix 10/60 in 3lt CCR Cylinder 32.50
Stage/Bailout Cylinder Hire Only 5.00

Please note, gas prices shown are only available to customers have booked onto a course/guided dive package and/or have rented equipment from us. Price does NOT include cost of cylinder hire at €5.00 each. If gas is NOT used then you will NOT be charged for the gas, ONLY cylinder hire.

Divers cancelling less than 24 hours will be charged for the dives and any boat fees that might apply