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IANTD Trimix Gas Blender

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This non-diving program is designed to train competent personnel in the safe handling of oxygen and the preparation of trimix for diving use.

Upon completion of this program, the student will have developed a thorough understanding of the physical properties of oxygen and helium; their forms, purities, hazards and the essential skills and knowledge to handle them in a safe and competent manner. You will be able to prepare Helium blends according to accepted industry practices. The program includes theory and a practical training session.

Note that the IANTD UK Trimix Blender program is a blending-only qualification.


  • Must be qualified as an IANTD EANx Gas Blender or equivelent
  • Must have a need to become a blender (such as working for an EANx facility). If not affiliated with a facility must be a qualified Trimix Diver and located in a remote area
  • Must be recommended by an IANTD Instructor or Facility
  • To service specific brands of equipment for EANx use, the blender must be a qualified technician with the manufacturer of the equipment being serviced

Equipment Requirements:

  • IANTD Gas Blender Student Kit
  • IANTD-approved mixing station
  • Own or have access to an oxygen analyzer
  • Helium analyzer recommended

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