Halcyon Eclipse Complete Single System (excluding cylinder)

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The Halcyon Eclipse™ maintains a novel, industry first-design. This  wing provides unprecedented control, allowing divers to easily fine tune their buoyancy, regardless of diving position.

Individuals diving in all environments will appreciate the ease of adjustment and the streamlined, cylinder-hugging design of the Eclipse.

Whether swimming or scootering, the Eclipse cuts through the water with less drag and greater efficiency, encouraging less effort and more diving enjoyment.

Regulator is the H-50D first stage sealed diaphragm complete with Aura second stages.

Key features:

  • Eclipse 40-lb BC System w/ SS backplate ( Traveler 40 Wing)

  •  Halcyon H-50D First Stage only, Sealed Diaphragm

  •  Halcyon Halo Second Stage, balanced, incl 40" (102cm) LP Hose

  •  Halcyon Aura Second Stage, incl 40" (102cm) LP Hose

  • LP 3/8" 210 cm

  •  LP 3/8" 62 cm

  •  HP 62 cm

  •  Halcyon Master Submersible Pressure Gauge 63mm, 0-400 bar

  •  2 pcs Boltsnap 90 mm for longhose. backup light (cold water). spg

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