Um El Faroud Wreck

Wreck Dive Malta, Zurrieq

The Um El Faroud is one of the best wreck dives in Malta. The Um El Faroud was at dry docks in Grand Harbour of Malta for maintenance works, when on 3rd February 1995 during the night an explosion occurred. Nine shipyard workers lost their lives in the explosion, and the tanker suffered structural deformation. Following an inspection and survey, Um El Faroud was considered damaged beyond repair. After three years at the dock in Valletta, it was decided to scuttle her as a diving attraction and an artificial reef.

The wreck broke into two parts during a heavy storm in the winter of 2005-2006. The wreck is amazing to explore inside. The overall length of the ship is about 110m. The Depth at the propeller is 36m. 

The Stern of the Um El Faroud

The wreck sits completely upright in the water and the depth of the stern is 36 m in the sand. Most Divers enjoy diving through the massive propeller which makes for good photography. 

Um El Faroud Wreck

The Engine Room

The engine room is one of the largest on the island and is worth a visit on your dive. Our team have done hundreds of dives on this wreck and know the best routes through this huge wreck. The engine room is dark and perfectly fit for tech divers to exploring inside for longer

Um El Faroud Wreck


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