MV Cominoland - Gozo Wrecks

Wreck Dive, Xatt l-Ahmar, Gozo

Cominoland was a former Captain Morgan Cruises passenger ship doing tourist day trips around Comino and around Valletta. She sunk in August 2006 together with Karwela to create an artificial reef for scuba divers. The third wreck, Xlendi was scuttled seven years earlier in 1999, but upside down.

The Cominoland wreck is about 35 m long and sits in an upright position on a sandy seabed with a maximum depth of around 41m. The wreck has two decks that offer plenty of potential for exploration and is safe to penetrate because of the openings cut before sinking. The wreck starts at 32 m with the deck at 35 m and her bow in 39 m depth.

The wreck in itself lies about 60m to the East of its neighbouring wreck the Karwela. The Karwela and the Cominoland are the most common two dives to doin Gozo and is home to ALL TECHNICAL DIVERS for the depth training and deco diving

DIVE SITE SPECIFICATION: MV Cominoland - Gozo Wrecks

MV Cominoland - Gozo Wrecks
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