Lockheed P2V Neptune Wreck

Wreck Dive, Bahar ic-Caghaq,  Malta

Built in the U.S. the Lockhead P2V Neptune was purposely used for hunting down submarines and marine patrol. The Royal Airforce worked with Neptune MR 1. planes however this particular plane was impaired with no chance of being repaired during a routine landing, at the Malta International Airport in Luqa on 13 of Jan 1956.
Lockheed P2V Neptune Wreck
With the collapse of the undercarriage, the aircraft was not able to fly again. After the crash it was then sold for filming use in the year of 1957, but not before removing all parts that were salvageable.
Lockheed P2V Neptune Wreck
Finally, the Neptune was scuttled for an underwater scene for a movie called THE SILENT ENEMY which was aired in 1958. In the late 1950’s it was scuttled and the wreck was then rediscovered in 2015.
Lockheed P2V Neptune Wreck
Lockhead P2V Neptune plane wreck is situated 500 metres on the north-east coast of Malta, about 500 metres off shore. It lies at a depth of 30 metres and what is left of it is part of the fuselage, and hardly any interior or wings with engine covers, Other pieces of the wings are half buried in the sand. It’s dimensions were of 30m in width (wingspan) and 24m in length. 


  • Location: Bahar ic-Caghaq
  • Depth: 32m (avg), 32m (max)
  • Type Of Dive: Boat Dive

Lockheed P2V Neptune Wreck

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