Le Polynesian WW2 Wreck

WW2 Wreck, Marsaskala, Malta

French passenger ship, Le Polynesian ship was sunk on the 10th of August in the year of 1918 by a torpedo. The wreck is located east from Valletta Port at about 7 nautical miles. Lying at a 45 degree angle, she lays at a depth of 45 metres at it’s highest point and 65 metres at it’s deepest.

Le Polynesian WW2 Wreck

The anchor and front deck cannon are still clearly visible whereas the cargo bay is full of motorbike tires and pipes.
Within the middle section of the wreck lies the engine room where it sustained the most damage due to the torpedo.

Le Polynesian WW2 Wreck

The stern has suffered some structural damage however the deck cannon and propeller are still impeccably intact. On another note, baths, bed frames and light fixtures could be seen under the deck in passenger area.

Le Polynesian WW2 Wreck

Le Polynesian wreck is only for experienced divers since it is exposed to strong currents and is at a depth only technical divers can reach.


Location: Marsaskala
Depth: 50m (avg), 65m (max)
Type Of Dive: Boat Dive

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