HMS Stubborn WW2 Wreck

WW2 Wreck, Qawra Point, Malta

Located around 3km North-East of Qawra Point the HMS Stubborn is a submarine wreck lying at a maximum depth of 56m whereas the top part of the sub is around 50m deep. The depth at which the British Submarine lies, means that only Tech Divers are able to dive this wreck, needing certain skill and expertise.

HMS Stubborn WW2 Wreck

The wreck itself is situated on a sandy bottom quite upright and is more or less intact. It is also tilted a little towards its starboard side. She was scuttled on purpose by the Royal Navy on the 30th of April in the year 1946. She was used as a sonar training target for other submarines.

The HMS Stubborn, an S-Class British submarine, 7m wide and 66 metres in length.

 3D Model - HMS Stubborn

HMS Stubborn WW2 Wreck


  • Location: Qawra Point
  • Depth: 45m (avg), 56m (max)
  • Type Of Dive: Boat Dive

HMS Stubborn WW2 Wreck

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