HMS Southwold WW2 Wreck

WW2 Wreck, Marsaskala, Malta

It was a British destroyer and it’s specifications were of about 85 metres in length and it’s beam was around 9.5 metres.
The HMS Southwold met its fate when she hit a mine field on March of 24th March in 1942. She then sunk off the coast of Marsaskala, in the South of Malta at approximately 2.5km.
HMS Southwold WW2 Wreck

Located on a sandy bottom, the wreck is split into two parts. They lie 300 metres away from each other.

The bow which broke off at around 40 metres in length, lying at a depth of 68 metres

HMS Southwold WW2 Wreck

The Stern, sitting upright at 73 metres deep and about 28 metres in length. It is a beauty of a wreck however it can only be dived by technical divers.
HMS Southwold WW2 Wreck


  • Unexploded Ordnance
  • War Grave
HMS Southwold WW2 Wreck


  • Location: Marsaskala
  • Depth: 67m (avg), 73m (max)
  • Type Of Dive: Boat Dive
HMS Southwold WW2 Wreck
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