Bristol Beaufighter WW2 Wreck

WW2 Wreck , St. Julians, Malta

The Bristol Beaufighter was built in England and taken into service in 1940. It was a twin-engine 2-3 seater long-range fighter, strike, and torpedo aircraft. On the 17th March 1943, Beaufighter “N” failed in the air just after take-off and her pilot managed to ditch her in the sea. Both pilot and co-pilot were uninjured. She now lies upside down on a sand bed at 38m.

The Propellers

The propellers are a lovely feature to check out on the wreck. You can also find moray eels hiding in these areas on the wreck.

Bristol Beaufighter WW2 Wreck

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View 3D Model - Underwater Malta

Bristol Beaufighter WW2 Wreck


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