Blenheim Bomber WW2 Wreck

WW2 Wreck, Xrobb l-Ghagin, Malta

The Bristol Blenheim Bomber is an airplane wreck in Malta from World War II. It was originally built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company where it served in the British Royal Air Force. With a twin-engine it carried a maximum of three people. It was a light bomber aircraft of about 13m in length and 17.2m in wingspan. While on a mission to Kefalonia in Greece, this Bristol Blenheim Bomber was hit by an Italian enemy aircraft, damaging the port engine. The Blenheim then turned back to land in Malta for safety.
Blenheim Bomber WW2 Wreck
However the pilot had to ditch the plane in the nearby sea. Luckily the crew suffered only minor injuries and survived the landing.

The location of the Blenheim Bomber wreck is around 500m off Xrobb l-Ghagin which is on the East Coast of Malta. For those who wish to dive this wreck, it is important to note that there are strong currents sometimes.

To get to the wreck it needs to be a boat dive and only experienced divers can dive this wreck.

The Bomber is at a depth of 42m on the seabed with sand and small reefs. The wreck itself is in pretty good condition with the wings and radial engines still more or less intact.

The port engine propeller is missing however the starboard engine propeller is still there but bent.

Blenheim Bomber WW2 Wreck

The cockpit cover is also missing whereas the fuselage was broken off and now lies a few metres away, in front of the plane wreck. It is also upside down and mostly buried under the sand. There was also the pilot seat once, however that has since been removed.

Blenheim Bomber WW2 Wreck


Blenheim Bomber WW2 Wreck

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